Executives Exchange

How it works

Learn how to:

  • Sharpen your decision-making skills
  • Set priorities more effectively
  • Create a solid vision for your work team and lead that team with confidence
  • Improve your productivity and your impact on your company

How your peer group works:

  • All members of your group are pre-screened and qualified as good fits with you and your business.
  • They are committed to your success and you are committed to theirs.
  • No one is in direct competition. You get the attention you need because the size of your group is limited.
  • Everyone is held accountable and the group meets regularly in a safe, confidential environment to discuss the challenges members face and find real solutions.
  • In between group meetings, you have some one-on-one personal time with a business coach.

As with all your peers, you must be pre-screened and qualified. Here’s how you can join the team:

  • Start with a quick survey that helps us find the best possible match for you.
  • Discuss with us your objectives and what you want from the group.
  • Show us how you can contribute to the group and your peers’ successes.
  • Meet with the group and confirm the fit.

Want to find your perfect fit? Click on this quick survey.