Executives Exchange

Code of Ethics

Executives Exchange is driven by and operated on a strict code of ethics—a set of core values and principles—so that you are always safe when you express yourself freely within your group.

Executives Exchange is a place for the truth, both from ourselves and others. Through honesty, we develop trust among ourselves.

Members share an uncompromising adherence to our code of ethics in all their dealings within Executives Exchange. Members must be able to depend on each other.

We hold each other in the same great esteem and admiration we have for ourselves. We treat each other as trusted and valued colleagues, working for the success of all.

We pledge ourselves to the best interests of our peer groups and to the success of each member. We do what we say we will do because our peers depend on us.

We protect all information disclosed within Executives Exchanges and entrusted from one member to another. We guarantee the privacy of members and do not reveal privileged information to anyone outside Executives Exchange.

No trading or solicitation
All time spent at Executives Exchange peer group meetings focuses on the success of each member. Meetings are opportunities to build business, not networking gatherings to do business with others. Any business between members is strictly outside the parameters of Executives Exchange.