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Congratulations! You have been promoted. Now what?
On your journey, you have worked very hard and successfully differentiated yourself from all contenders. You can list several accomplishments—that’s why you moved up. You’re in management because you’re a great contributor.

However, expectations of you are now much higher. At this level, are required to take more initiative, communicate more frequently across functional disciplines, and contribute in a meaningful way towards the company's success. Of course, your promotion package came with a full explanation of your new responsibilities, and a "user guide" in case you have questions, right???

It’s no longer about you but how you help others succeed as well.
You are no longer a sole contributor, and your success is heavily dependent on the support of your team, and guess is accountable now for their success? If you were promoted from the ranks, has anyone offered you advice on how to make the transition from being a colleague to boss, and how to avoid some of the most common stumbling blocks?

How will you mentor the team?
Maybe you are lucky because you were brought in to lead but do you have the necessary experience to information to quickly earn their trust? Are they already mad at you for taking away the promotion of their buddy, and if yes, how will that influence their behavior? Is there additional information that others are afraid to share? Is this the perfect time to find an objective and trustworthy resource to help you navigate this minefield?

Who will mentor you now?
You can accelerate your success with the mentoring from your own “think tank” at Executives Exchange.

Your peer group helps you:

  • Find out what it means to lead
  • Determine how much time you really have to plan for the future
  • Manage the people around you
  • Gauge your performance and stay on track toward advancement

Are you ready to find out what you can do?