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Corporate Path

Welcome to the Corporate Arena, where internal and external pressures compete for your limited time and a variety of challenges are thrown at you daily—or is it hourly?—from every direction by different "colleagues," each with different and possibly conflicting priorities.

Perhaps you have just accepted this new position, or you are currently locked in a heated completion with your "best friend" for the next promotion. Or maybe you are anxious about market conditions, looming deadlines, untimely travel needs, constantly changing priorities, your ability to succeed, or the support coming from your team. It really makes no difference how big this list is, because the expectations on you are great, and nothing will reduce your responsibilities or level of accountability.

What will make a difference, however, is your ability to harness the necessary experience that will prevent you from repeating your predecessors’ mistakes, experience that can help you determine:

  • How to discover what you don't know.
  • Best ways to gauge external and internal risks or opportunities.
  • The ideal Predictive Metrics for pre-empting failure.
  • What questions to ask to separate facts from wishes.
  • Best way to prepare to be the candidate of choice for the next promotion, and so on.

Can you accelerate your success by having your own advisors?

Success without risk is not easy, which is why you need your own advisory board that acts as a sounding board you can trust when you need a rounded perspective to confirm your next decision.

Simple approach, yes. But when alligators are all around you, you need help to keep your focus and remember your objective is to drain the swamp.

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