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You’re at the top. Now what?
Your successes are inversely proportional to the number of people who truly want to help. Who wants to help you? Whom can you rely on? Although you have the luxury to delegate, there is one, all-encompassing monkey you cannot get off your back: The accountability for anything and everything that goes wrong under your leadership.

The stakes are high. What you don’t know can lead to failure.
Investors and Board of Directors demand bigger results—faster than before. Customers want more than the company offers and if you don’t meet their demands, some competitor will. As the CEO, you feel the pressure from all sides. Demands pull you in different directions. You face one set of challenges after another.

Do you know what it is you don’t know? Do you know the right questions to ask?
Outside consultants and experts are more interested in keeping their contracts going. Your direct reports are more interested in their own advancement than in yours. Friends? They don’t have the necessary business experience.

It can be so lonely at the top.
At your level of the organization, you may be used to doing it on your own, using a familiar approach. But what if you need a second opinion or another perspective? Where and who are the people you can trust and count on for non-judgmental and sage advice? With whom can you brainstorm the pros and cons of course-changing decisions?

What if you had someone you could trust to be on your side?
With your own think tank at Executives Exchange, you have top executives in their companies—your peers—whose only interest is to accelerate your success by sharing their experiences. Your executive peer group helps you benchmark your business across several industries and assess your performance as a senior executive.