Executives Exchange

Business Owner

It’s your ticket to independence - will idea make the dream a reality?
You value your independence. You’ve already seen—perhaps been a victim of—decisions that make little sense, so you are taking control of your destiny by starting and growing your own business.

You have the idea but is it unique enough to create a strong anti-competitive barrier? What makes you different? Have you estimated revenue and expense levels and set timelines? How soon before you have customers? How will they know you are in business?

Now that the exciting part is over, time for reality
What about all the bureaucratic formalities, such as trade name, business licenses, stationary, website, etc. If you have employees, have you complied with state and federal government regulations? Are there any pending legal contracts, leases or formal partnerships that must be completed?

If you build it they will come - you hope
There is hardly a business that generates revenue from the day it opens. Do you have the financial means to cover setup costs and purchase inventory? Can you pay rent/mortgage and utilities? Meet payroll requirements if you have employees? Have you thought of and covered all the basics? How will you know? Who can you ask?

An Advisory Team to call yours
By joining a group of other business owners in Executives Exchange, you immediately have a team of dedicated mentors who understand that every decision creates a unique path and leads to sometimes irreversible and unintended consequences, and they will do their best to help you select the right choices.

Your team of mentors will help you with:

  • Business and marketing plans
  • Startup checklists
  • Marketing and sales campaigns
  • Differentiation strategies
  • Competitive advantages
  • Handling finances—banking, funding, cost controls
  • Regulatory, legal and tax compliance
  • Employer obligations to employees
  • Managing employees